Total Interdisciplinary Care

What is Total Interdisciplinary Care?

Dr. Rimer is recognized internationally for practicing Total Interdisciplinary Care. He was awarded the Saul Schluger Award in 2012, acknowledging his commitment to practicing in this way.

A team of health care professionals from different professional disciplines who work together to comprehensively manage and treat your particular oral and health care need. This enables the team in a structures fashion to establish, prioritize and achieve treatment goals with all members involved in the decision process.

The benefit to the patient is that the team members from different disciplines work collaboratively and by sharing knowledge and resources. This allows for all members to conduct a dialogue concerning patient care. This focuses on an interaction not only between the clinicians but also between the interdisciplinary team and the patient.

The patient benefits by receiving optimal care and ideal treatment for their particular case.

It is important to understand that these individuals who practice at this high level of care typically work in their own practices rather than as a group or in the same facility. Each clinician has their own background, expertise and unique skill which they are able to bring to the discussion. This also allows for any particular expert or special clinician to be easily added to the group where appropriate for a particular case. Whilst we understand that this may involve visiting different offices, it is ultimately the best way for you to receive optimal care.